Tuesday, February 1, 2011

its a new year

Lunar New Year is approaching, my time for renewal. With this new year I'm posting news of last year's developments.
Summer was spent in Berkeley, creating a sculpture at the Ceramics studio.
Thats 48 states, floating precariously; pillows of porcelain hung on transparent line. The states are painted in map colors on the front.
The backs are painted black.
Overhead is a trough of hay. Some of the hay has fallen through the states onto the gallery floor. The hay references America as bread basket.
Driving across country from New Jersey to California, reflections on America filled my brain. Concerns about the environment, corproratization of our government and a psychic disconnect affecting masses of my fellow citizens swirled in me.
This work is up at Rupert Ravens Contemporary, 85 Market Street, Newark, NJ through February 2011.