Monday, September 26, 2011


this post marks a return to drawing as a daily commitment. The starting point is paper as figure and ground. This piece is cut chipboard - a pad backing - and drafting vellum.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


 I've been spending the summer in Berkeley, CA. teaching, making work, being part of the Cafe Gratitude community and exploring neighborhoods.  Connecting with artists and communities here is inspiring me to spend more time here.  Oakland has many co-operative houses and studios. Permaculture practice is permeating the yards. I'm smitten with the notion of living in urban self-sustaining community.
The Sculpture class I taught at UC Berkeley ASUC ceramic studio is now over. Thank you all for making the experience very positive.  For our end of session last hurrah, yesterday we field tripped it over to SF to gallery hop. Spent most of our time at 49 Geary Street.  Favorite pic was Yashitomo Saito 1000 prayers at Haines Gallery
What was it that made this show the pic of the day? Nature centric, the forms were fashioned from roots and twigs, and appeared to be wood with a waxy coating. Satisfyingly simple. It was surprising to discover that the forms were all cast bronze using the lost wax technique.  Forms were made in units no larger than 18", then welded together. Saito has created a lyrical body of abstract works that feel as though they've emerged fully formed out of the earth.