Saturday, November 29, 2008

barrel 'o fun

What a perfect day for a barrel firing! Spent the day with Jane Craven who had invited me to fire with her & crew. Horse manure and pine needles in hand I showed up at 10 AM. First we prepped pots by wrapping them in metals and natural materials to produce interesting surface effects. By 11:15 we were outside, and spent the next five hours firing. This was a first for me and I enjoyed it immensely! Leaves, pine needles and corn husks thrown onto the work at the end resulted in heavy reduction and beautiful smoky effects. Pulling pots out at the end, we wrapped some with horsehair which sizzled and burned in beautiful black curly lines.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

finishing up

Saturday at Tony Moore's Kiln started early with a warm hello from Dan Greenfield. He's solo on the night shift for the entire four day firing. I arrived at 7:30AM and shortly after Tony appeared. Then Flo and Heather. Temps were holding just below 2200. We pushed them over 2300 and then shut the kiln down.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

tony day

Saturday was day one loading for Tony Moore's autmnal anagama firing. I picked up designer and potter Paul Boucher on 92nd St. W and we headed up to Cold Spring in rolling blankets of fog with boxes of clay works in tow. Rain came on and off, and as the day wore on patches of blue opened up the sky. Spent good time with friend Jane Craven, sculptor and potter, stacking thousands of her tiny thrown vessels. She's invited me to do a pit aka barrel firing with her in the next two weeks.

Loading at Tony's continues today (without me !). The firing happens this week. I'll be stoking on Saturday, the last of the four days. Two week cool down period, then unloading on December 6th. Tony's high standards and careful attention to all aspects of the firing process results in consistently excellent product.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Boson Exotic

Rupert Ravens has curated yet another blockbuster show in his immense (purported to be the largest commercial gallery under one roof in this country) gallery in the heart of Newark.

"As protean transporters of invisible force, "Boson Exotic" artworks radiate phenomenological complexity. Each work becomes a saturated moment. The often arcane beauty of the exotic here trumps the arid, banal one liners prevailing in much current contemporary art.
The elusive boson particles are theoretically poised for unveiling in the largest machine ever constructed. Likewise the hard to pin down work in this exhibition, beckons discovery within a 20,000 sq ft phenomenon. In fact, acceleration of assertion posits Newark in a new art vangard."
IMG_7683 by franland13.
photo by Frances Pelzman Liscio
For an excellent preview of works, check out photographer Frances Pelzman Liscio's posted slide show on Baristanet.

I still hear people talking fear about being in Newark. Hey, since mayor Corey Booker has arrived on the scene, the city has been going through a true renaissance. He has made priorities of safety and cultural growth , and you can feel the effects of his work when walking from Penn Station (path train) to the gallery at 85 Market Street. Parking is easy -- in the evening there are always spots right in front of the gallery. So venture down and check it out, it's worth the trip!