Saturday, August 16, 2008


Firing began on Friday evening August 9th and continued around the clock for five days. Heat built up gradually in the firebox. This image was taken on the second day of firing, temperatures were rising quickly over 1000 F. . Work can be seen behind flames, in the back of the firebox.
Its the fourth day. Bruce Dehnert, Director of Ceramics at Peters Valley, stirs the coals to promote even burning and help raise temperature. Temps were over 2200, on the way to 2350 F. 3 teams worked 6 hour shifts with 12 hour breaks. By the end of the firing cycle we were all pretty ragged out.
8' foxtail plume of flame rages out of kiln chimney on the last day of the firing. Temperature was reached at 7PM, and then the kiln was sealed. After five days of cooling the Kiln opening happens Sunday August 17th. Stay tuned for images of the opening and the fired work.

Friday, August 15, 2008

anamania4: before the fire

Loading took place over two days, August 8th and 9th. Mouth wide open the belly of the beast contains 1000+ objects. Firing commenced Friday evening, August 9th. Alison, studio assistant at Peters Valley, painted the Norwegian flag on the door hanging over the dragon's eyes in honor of our esteemed visiting artist, Torbjörn Kvasbø.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Torbjörn Kvasbø looks into the anagama at Peter's Valley. The firing begins today, August 8, 2008. Nine people will be working in shifts, stoking round the clock for five days. Torbjörn is a specialist in woodfirings, and has worked with kilns from Norway to Canada, the US, China, Australia and more. He is legendary for his aggressive approach to firing.


Bruce Dehnert, director of Ceramics at Peter's Valley, holds a tablet created in 1980 to commemorate the first firing of the PV Anagama kiln and signed by luminaries in the field who were part of the first firing, including the legendary Peter Voulkos.


I've been working at Peters Valley for a week with ceramic artist Torbjörn Kvasbø. Torbjörn is this year’s lead artist for PV’s anagama firing. Torbjörn is an amazing sculptor/philosopher with impeccable credentials. I hereby proclaim him a national treasure of Norway and consider myself fortunate to be working with him.