Saturday, October 27, 2007


Rupert Ravens Contemporary gallery opened last night in Newark, NJ, with a spectacular group show entitled Sanctuary. My piece, Energizer, is installed in front of the second floor window. This detail shot (thank you Carl Hazelwood for the image!) offers a feel of the sculpture at night. Spotlights focused on the work generate a blue cast, and it reflects light and colors from passing traffic. I'm delighted to be surrounded by the likes of Agnes Denes and Vija Celmins. With 30,000 sq. ft of exhibition space, Rupert Ravens Contemporary is the largest commercial gallery in New Jersey.

Monday, October 22, 2007

work in progress

Here's a peek at a sculpture in progress. No, it's not part of my current ceramics obsession, and it is part of an ongoing series of sculptural installations engaging light with monofilament in space. I promise this piece will be completed this week as it's part of the opening show at
Rupert Ravens Contemporary gallery 85 Market Street in Newark, opening this Friday, October 26th 6-10PM. There's going to be some serious partying going on starting with Shabazz HS drum corps on the sidewalk at 6, R&B group lil bastad and more will perform in the gallery.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

prep days

Tony Moore's wood firing is three weeks away, and Sue Kotulak will be doing a carbon trap firing in her excellent gas kiln soon. In preparation, I'm steadily producing work. Mostly I'm making tea cups, bowls and vases. Using the ceramics studio at the day job, I'm able to make an average of three vessels daily. The electric kiln at work has a glitch and the hold function isn't working, so ample time is needed for air drying before bisque. A friend gifted me a small electric kiln last year. Its a basic model, no automatic timing here, but it will be fantastic to have the option to bisque work in my own studio -- time to have a heavy duty electrical outlet installed so that I can run it. This weekend my daughter, who is studying at SVA and living in Brooklyn, came home for a visit. We went into the studio and threw pots together - what a delight! I'm planing on including her work in the wood firing.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

fire bitten

This pot, from my current work exploring volume and fullness, came out of the PV anagama firing... porcelain with helmer slip, approx six inches tall by seven inches wide.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

more anagama images

pics arriving in waves this week ... here from ariel, some great shots of the anagama firing.

the mighty Quinn

Quinn Kimball -- Pianist, Singer, Conductor and anagama firing freak has sent a link to his super videos of the Peters Valley August 2007 firing on youtube
Thanks for sending the CD with images Quinn!

gavin's excellent pics

Gavin Noyes ceramic artist, assistant at the August PV anagama firing and pizza visionary, has sent a link to images from the firing. Check them out at
Gavin writes:
"I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know everyone and experiencing the firing of this great kiln. Highlights for me included: swimming in the Delaware River, eating all the fresh fruit and veges from the farm stands, learning how differently this kiln fires, seeing the wild turkeys, enjoying all the great scenery at Peters Valley, playing the craziest game of HORSE imaginable, ping pong, watching over a thousand pieces go into a single kiln, and finally seeing the excitement on everyone's faces as greeted the results of all our hard work."

"Since returning to Utah I've been busy getting ready for a November firing..."

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

wood firing coming up

I'm discovering that the world of potters and ceramic artists doing wood firings is fairly close knit. Sue Kotulak received word that sculptor Tony Moore, who has a Noborigama/Anagama kiln is doing a wood firing in early November. I'm just back from helping stack wood in preparation. Yikes, this is exciting... another wood firing !

Monday, October 1, 2007

gas firing with kotulak

Sue Kotulak invited me up to bring some work for her gas firing Friday, re-fires allowed. It was a clear cool fall afternoon and the landscape on the drive up was beautiful. So I brought up a few pieces that had awkward ash left from the last wood fire. After a warm welcome from Sue we set about loading my pots. Then Paul Boucher arrived and we completed the loading and fired up the kiln. Temps had to stay low as many pots had been outside and needed to dry slowly. We talked over wine and dinner. The strategy for the firing was discussed and we settled in for a long nite. I lasted till just before 3 AM. Sue and Paul staggered their rest periods as they kept watch over climbing kiln temp. At 7 AM I was up, and excitied to see the firing was well under way. Paul had to take off at Noon. I was happy to be able to stay till 5. Sue led us on a walkabout of the property. And then she taught me to use her new hydraulic extruder -- wow, that is a cool tool! The end of the visit came all too soon. Many thanks Sue for a wonderful experience!